Braces (Adults, Children)

Your dentist is commonly the first person to let you know whether you should pursue orthodontic treatment. As children visit the dentist from an early age, it is that dentist's job to monitor tooth development and recommend orthodontic treatment if things look problematic. Whether for your children or yourself, braces can be a necessary treatment with impressive benefits and results.

Kids Braces

Generally, the younger the patient, the simpler the orthodontic process. Children's bones have not finished developing, so it is easier to shift and realign their teeth. Moreover, if a child sees an orthodontist at an early age, it is simpler to coordinate necessary braces preparations at the right stages of tooth development. If your child will require an extraction or other means of creating space in order for braces to succeed, we will coordinate treatment to ensure the procedure takes place at the right time.

Braces for Adults

It's never too late for orthodontic treatment. Although adults have aesthetic concerns that children typically don't (some kids are even proud of their braces), it is still possible for them to straighten. Alternative orthodontic methods like ceramic brackets and clear aligner trays allow for subtle straightening. If you've spent many years with malocclusion (a bad bite), you may struggle with jaw problems, chewing function, and more frequent cavities. Straightening your teeth will not only create a gorgeous smile, but help resolve these issues.

If only your front teeth are slightly crooked, we may be able to reshape them and improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns are especially helpful in straightening the appearance of front teeth. Get in touch with Elkhart Dental and Implant Center if you have any pressing concerns about tooth alignment or orthodontic treatment. We will help you begin the orthodontic process.

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