If you feel nervous at the thought of dental treatment, you're not alone. The majority of dental patients feel some level of anxiety at the prospect of spending time in the dental chair. Patients feel vulnerable, concerned about potential discomfort, and uncertain about the treatment process. You don't have to let your nerves control you or make your dental experiences negative ones. Sedation dentistry will help you feel at ease in our office.

Dental Sedation vs. Dental Anesthesia

There is a distinct difference between sedation and anesthesia. Dental anesthetic is widely provided to any patient who may experience discomfort during a procedure. Drugs used in local anesthesia block nerve signals to prevent you from feeling pain. Anesthesia is administered prior to any procedure that could cause pain. Your treatment should always be comfortable.

Dental sedation tackles your nerves rather than your pain receptors. It helps to induce feelings of relaxation and happiness. When you approach dental treatment in a calm way, you're more likely to have a positive experience. Sedation can help.

Feeling Good About Dental Treatment

Many patients have negative dental appointments early in their life, and those experiences color their attitudes for years to come. If you feel stressed or traumatized by a past procedure, know that every dental experience isn't the same. Dr. Sangyoung Lee and our gentle staff provide caring, and attentive treatment that ensures you are both emotionally and physically comfortable. Ask us about sedation prior to your next appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a form of dental sedation available at Elkhart Dental and Implant Center. It is inhaled throughout the course of treatment. Patients receiving nitrous feel completely relaxed and even euphoric during their procedures. The effects will wear off quickly after the appointment is complete. Patients receiving nitrous should arrange to have someone drive them to and from their appointments, as it won't be safe for them to get behind the wheel.

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