Having a tooth pulled is inherently stressful. You're losing a part of your body, and it may feel like something you want to hold onto. Dr. Lee, and dentists at large are conservative in their treatments. They want you to retain as much of your teeth as possible. But sometimes pulling a tooth is the right decision for a greater good.

Why Extractions are Necessary

We do everything we can to treat a diseased tooth and bring it back to health. This isn't always enough. If an infection has reached the tooth's root, even a root canal may not suffice. Having that tooth extracted allows you to start fresh. We will place a dental restoration to complete your smile and preserve its function. Try not to think of an extraction as the loss of a tooth, but rather the first step in replacing it with something better.

When A Dental Extraction Will Improve Your Oral Health

Extractions can also be preventive, removing teeth that could (or definitely will) cause untold future damage. This applies to:

  • Impacted teeth - Your teeth don't always erupt the way we'd like them to. Improperly angled teeth will push against your well-aligned teeth, creating pressure, disrupting your bite, and leading to malfunction and discomfort.
  • Wisdom teeth - Wisdom teeth cause far more harm than good. See the heading below for more details.
  • Unnecessary teeth - In the case of orthodontic treatment, it's often necessary to create extra space in the mouth. Extraction will accomplish this and allow you to straighten your smile.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in your upper and lower jaws. While not everyone has a full set of wisdom teeth, most patients benefit from having them extracted. These molars are prone to problems and offer poor function as a part of your bite. They're likely to foster decay (as they're difficult to clean or even access), push on other teeth as they erupt, and cause various dental problems. Wisdom teeth commonly erupt between ages 17-25, so it's typically beneficial to have them extracted around 17-18.

Dr. Sangyoung Lee and our staff will work alongside you to help you feel comfortable with the extraction process. Contact us with any concerns, or questions about extraction aftercare.

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